Cab Design


The RTi Cab design is constructed of welded heavy gauge steel tubing and formed heavy galvanized steel sections with body panels of galvanized steel.

The RTi Cab and its structural steel design was mounted on a chassis frame and crash tested. Go to video crash test site for viewing. The cab structure exceeds the requirements of ECE regulation No. 29 occupant protection – commercial vehicle code.

The cab dimensions overall are 96" W x 78"H x 68"L and gives RTi the most total working cab space, 148 cubic ft., in our industry.

The RTi Cab is designed for safety. Besides structural design, it has an 18" step height for the truck operator from both sides. RTi driver visibility, most critical in a working truck, is unmatched and unobstructed. The windshield has a total of 2,650 sq. in. with visibility to the ground at 5'6" from driver's position. The unobstructed back windows have 1,656 sq. in. The total glass area is 6,450 sq. in.

Cab Warranty

RTI warrants to the original purchaser of each new refuse truck utilizing an RTI cab that all parts of the cab will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of five (5) years, with unlimited mileage, from the date of purchase by the original vehicle end user.


Crash Test Video

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Crash Test Report Summary

Crash Test Report Summary110.91 KBDownload

Refuse Trucks Inc. - Cab  Refuse truck crash test

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Front view of cab

Side view of cab

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